FARMS Online

Simplifying livestock management

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Designed for simplicity

FARMS Online is a simple livestock management system that anyone can use. FARMS Online focuses on the important aspects of livestock management, and avoids the complexities of other commercial "total farm management" packages. FARMS Online maintains information on each individual animal, including identification numbers, characteristics, pedigree and breeding history. You can start using FARMS Online with minimal cost and effort, perfect for schools or small stud breeders.

Information at your fingertips

Each animal within your farm can be identified by its name and flock-tag. If you use NLIS tags, animals are also identifiable by their NLIS number and electronic ID. Animals are identified by breed and can be grouped by mob, to allow for easy management of multiple studs within your farm.

Each animal's weight and condition can be monitored, along with any medical treatments and husbandry tasks performed. Breed specific information such as fleece length can be recorded where appropriate. Animal's pedigree and breeding history is maintained and can be referenced to aid in breed planning. Sires from an external property or A.I can be recorded and referenced as well.

FARMS Online also assists in your NLIS accreditation by maintaining a history of all chemicals and medicines used on your farm. Each animal can be found through its NLIS ID even after it has left your farm.

Example of some of the data that can be recorded with FARMS Online

Pedigree & Breeding History

The breeding history of your animals is automatically maintained when using FARMS Online. By recording the parents (sire and dam) of each animal, progeny can be automatically calculated, and a complete ‘pedigree tree’ generated for visual reference.

Example pedigree information over three generations

No Animal Left Behind

FARMS Online retains a complete history of all animals that have left your property. When an animal is sold or has died its status can be updated to reflect what happened, and it’s information ‘Archived’ to remove the animal from the current active animals list, whilst retaining its information for future reference or review.

Accessing FARMS Online

FARMS Online is an ‘online’ solution, allowing your farm to be accessed from anywhere in the world. Any device that can access the internet such as a smartphone (iPhone/Android), iPad, Tablet, or laptop computer can be used to view and edit your farm data.
FARMS Online stores your farm's information online, so there is no risk of loosing your data if a computer is lost or fails.

Website sketch

Farms Online Website

The FARMS Online website is the main way to access your farm. The website allows complete control over your farm and animals, and the people who have access to it.

FarmHand sketch

Desktop Application

FARMS : Farm Hand can be used while working with your livestock in a shed or yard.
It runs on a Windows PC or Laptop, and provides access to all of your animal records.

Farm Hand connects to external weight indicators and EID readers to automate taking records.

App sketch

Mobile App for iOS and Android

The FARMS : Stud Master App for mobile phones and tablets allows you to quickly view and add information to your animals when you're out and about.

An iPad or Android tablet can be used in place of a PC or laptop when working with livestock. Certain tablets can also connect to external scale indicators and EID readers.